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Appelez-moi Coco!

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I'm sorry, I thought we were quoting Highlander
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4400, absolutely fabulous, acting, administrative need, alanis morissette, amityville horror, amphetamines, apples, are you being served?, as time goes by, bisexuality, black adder, blackadder, blinding lip gloss, britain, britcoms, british programing, camille claudel, cartoons, catherine willows, cocaine chic, cocoa, coffee, comedy, csi, csi: las vegas, csi: lv, cuddy, cuddy/wilson, david duchovny, dawn french, dawn steele, discussing theology, dr. cuddy, dr. house, drama, drawing, ellen, ellen degeneres, eric idle, everclear, fbi, femmeslash, femslash, foamy the squirrel, france, french, french and saunders, funbags, gay paris, gayness, gil/cath, gillian anderson, goats, good neighbors, graham chapman, graphics, gregory house, greyhound adoption, greyhound rescue, greyhounds, grillows, grissom/catherine, happy the goat, heroin chic, hot cocoa, house, house md, house/cuddy, house/wilson, huddy, hugh laurie, icons, ill will press, improv comedy, independent films, james wilson, jennifer saunders, joanna lumley, john cleese, john ritter, joyce dewitt, just shoot me, keeping up apearances, kill bill, law and order: svu, lesbianism, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, marg helgenberger, margage, mariska hargitay, mel brooks, meryl streep, meryl streep movies, miranda richardson, monty python, monty python's flying circus, mulder/scully, native americans, not cameron, not sara, once and again, paris, philosophy, pirates, reba, red hot chili peppers, robert sean leonard, rocky horror picture show, rolling stones, rowan atkinson, rp, rsl, sea of souls, sela ward, sex in the city, slash, south park, special victims unit, stacy/cuddy, stars, stephanie march, stephen fry, stephen lynch, teri hatcher, the 4400, the clinic ♥, the closer, the crimson permanent assurance, the eifel tower, the good life, the holy grail, the meaning of life, the rolling stones, the x-files, theological discussions, thetheo, three's company, uma thurman, vicar of dibley, wendie malick, wilson, wilson/cuddy, writing, x-files

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