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I'm sorry, I thought we were quoting Highlander

tutorial 1

I made some requested tutorials. The original icons are not mine! I'm not sure whose they are, but if you know let me know and I'll give credit to the originals tragic_radiance ♥ (p.s. sorry the original icon usually looks better, I saved it as a jpg by accident!)

Borrowed Icon: My Icon:


Crop and place your picture where you'd like to put it.


Duplicate the base layer and set it to Soft Light for color.


But then for extra color, place a new raster layer on the top and color on top of House's face and hand with #CEB930 and set it to Darken to give him more color (so that when the texture is placed on top it won't wash out all his features) this darken might not work as well if the picture you're using is a little bigger, play around with the opacity until it looks how you want it to look. Multiply might also work but you'll have to turn to opacity down so they don't look like they hung out too long underneath the hole in the ozone layer.


Then make a new raster layer and fill it with a light gray (it's up to your own personal preference which HEXIDECIMAL you'd like to use, I usually use #E0E0E0) and set it to burn. Make the colors pop out a little more!

Place this texture on top and set it to Darken. Like I said about darken before, with a bigger picture with clearer features, it might look weird, you can try multiply as well. Or you can put a little bit of skin color directly on the texture over the face so that he's not green.


And then add text! Or not, whatever you'd like to do!


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