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Nov. 2nd, 2007

"Scrupulistic... not a word." Ghost Whisperer

"Ew, was it a finger?" *?!* "...what? I don't know..." Woman's Murder Club.

So anyone else catch Women's Murder Club tonight? It's cute, I really like it, I'm going to catch it or record it on a regular basis. I really like Angie Harmon, I have to confess it's really Emma that made me like Angie. Am I the only one who found it totally cute that the woman who plays Catherine's mother on CSI was in this episode? ♥♥♥

And also, I seriously need to have eBay blocked off of my computer. I'm going eBay nuts and I need to be stopped.

Oct. 31st, 2007

How about one of those "What's on your desktop?" Memes? Those are always fun :)

Here's mine:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
(I made the manip)

Oct. 30th, 2007

Here's my new default icon. Some of my favorite doggies at work. At Doggy Daycare.

Starting with me in the sunglasses the dogs go: Clarence, Daisy, Jackson, Annie, Jack and Hansel.

Starting with the Jack Russel in the middle top going clockwise: Molly, Hansel, Jack, Tonka (right corner), Willie, Clarence and Daisy (and also Charlie Papillon under Molly and Hansel and to the left of Jack under Day)

That was a lot harder to say who each dog was than I expected it to be ♥

Sela Ward has enriched my life...

Three things I eat/tried because of Sela:

  • Sweet tea (LOVE IT)

  • Smart Start Healthy Heart (O:) when she's on the box)

  • Grits (LOL)

So... as the last bullet might suggest... I am at the moment eating grits. Very plain grits because I didn't think about salt or butter when I was out BUYING my groceries. The grits themselves were an afterthough after all. I knelt down to make an oatmeal selection and happened to notice GRITS. And my brain went "....SELA!" so naturally, those grits were MINE.

But I like the consistency and texture... but they're VERY VERY plain and I'm like, "ee...>>"

If it wasn't a walk over... like, if I'd only have to get in a car and drive over I'd totally go, but... it's cold and getting dark and I don't want to walk there and back again just for salt and/or butter (when I could just steal salt from the dining hall?)

It's time for a new default icon, methinks. Usher in November with some delightful newness.

Oct. 28th, 2007

So I just bid on my first three eBay auctions ever! AND I TOTALLY WON ALL THREE OF THEM! I won, like, a bus shelter sized poster of Rendition (IT WAS SO GOOD YAY FOR MERYL) Also a signed picture of Marg and also a present for someone who probably reads my journal so I'm not going to say... O:)

But I'm wicked excited! And it was all only $34. Like I was looking at Rendition posters and the best price for the bus shelter size was like $50 not including shipping and the 11"x17" was $20 not including shipping. My Rendition FOUR FEET BY SIX FEET poster was only $10 + $12 for shipping. And besides, IT'S MERYL. BIIIG MERYL.

Audrey and I went shopping today. I got two new shirts, two bermuda short length pants/shorts things. Audrey got me a wicked awesome watch, it's got the watch face and then these beaded interchangeable bands, but I have little wrists so I attached them all together and wore them as a necklace. Totally awesome.

We went to Barnes and Noble afterwards and I saw Madame Day, my high school French teacher. She's so cute, it's ridiculous.

ALSO GO SOX! (please don't riot tonight, fellow on-campus students, I need to sleep tonight)

And Audrey got a new fish, he's a crowntailed Betta and I almost got a new fish but my girl fish is going to lay eggs and have betta babies with my boy betta so I'll have a bitchload of betta babies. I'm going to use a big glass tank I have at home for the babies to live in. I'm really pretty excited. Audrey and I each got different baby betta foods so our baby fishes will have variety in their diet. (Audrey's girl and one of her boys is having... a litter of fishes?)

♥ Ok, totally done now. Love you all!!

Here it is as a wallpaper too:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


This is only 2:00 minutes of the song because WMM wiped my clip library so I lost everything that wasn't part of the video when I made the preview. So, yeah, it ends abruptly. <3


Click the top image for the video or click here
MY NIGHT. Audrey, Daniel and I went to the Halloween dance. She was a random Victorian, Daniel was a pimp and I was a French maid. We went to dinner in our costumes because the party was in the same building and middle aged people thought we were so cute even though we were obviously walking sexual innuendos. One of the ladies was really funny, she was like, "I remember when fishnets were in style. I didn't wear them, I thought they were sleazy." ...I love my fishnets... haha. And then one lady was like, "I WISH I BROUGHT MY CAMERA!"

Daniel was wicked funny as the pimp because he's a skinny white boy and he was trying to do the pimp bob walk lol. Audrey took video. XD

Then we went to the party and I'm like, "BUT I DON'T DAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE!" and then by the time we left I was making a fool out of myself (NO ALCOHOL NEEDED, MAN) We danced to Time Warp, I like big Butts (Daniel and I knew the whole song and horrified Audrey), Hips don't lie and YMCA.

It was funny when the electric slide came on because Daniel went to do it and Audrey and I were outside. And Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was like, "OMGWTF No electric slide?" and we're like, "we don't know how!" and he's like, "I'll show you. I worked in a bowling alley. Of course I know how." and we got in there and he's like, "...I don't know how. I was trying to impress you..." but the three of us tried and failed, but we had fun.

Oh and we tried to do the Cha Cha Slide but Audrey doesn't know left from right and kept crashing into me. I mean, I don't know left from right either, but I can at least dance to Cha Cha Slide lmao.

Then we left to go play hand pool. We don't use the sticks, we just sort of throw the white ball at the other balls. It's great fun and then we played a really dangerous game. We each had two pockets and we had to throw the balls into the other pockets while keeping them out of our own and the person with the least amount of balls in their pockets (LOL) wins. And we all hurt our hands trying to play that game.

Then we took piiiiictures. We found a great mirror and now Audrey and I have pictures of us making out with ourselves, we were talking about photoshopping different clothes onto one of the uses and making it look like twins making out... we're retarded though, so it's ok...

SO YEAH. Just wait until you see these pictures, oh my god. I'll post them soon (IE when Audrey send them to me)

P.S. I've just had three cups of coffee and I'm so wired. But I'm going to have more because the dining hall has a specialty coffee (CINNAMON STICK) and I love it, but it'll be gone by Thursday so I want to drink it as much as possible.

OH MY GOD LONG POST >> Enjoy your weekends everybody!!!

Sorry to make this only 3 icons long but in my last post I posted a few Yin&Yang Huddy icons and catrinamarlow mentioned that she'd like to see House/Wilson in Yin&Yang so I made three House/Wilson ones.

The other two over @ cane_phenomena

Again, sorry for this being so short ♥

Oct. 25th, 2007

80 House      and      22 X-Files

I... make icons but I make maybe 3-10 a day and I just don't think that few is worth an icon post or maybe they're for icontests or whatever but what I'm getting at is that this is a lot of icons that I've accumulated over... months, going back as far as May or April. So that being said, on to the icons <3

102 Icons Here @ cane_phenomena